No, you didn't read our title wrong.

It's true, many businesses are still using telephone IVR systems to interact with clients.

But it's also true there are a new crop of companies using business messaging (also called conversational commerce, by Chris Messina) to engage customers, perform routine transactions and provide interactive shopping experiences.

These companies understand millennials and gen y'ers want to text more than talk and that texting - SMS communications - are the most prevalent form of communications for American adults under 50.

Millennial Text Messaging Statistic

Business messaging - or businesses leveraging popular messaging solutions to interact with clients on the platform of their choosing - is proving to be a great standalone customer engagement tool for every business that adopts it.

Here, now, is some of the coolest s*^t companies are doing with business messaging.

Tada - Personal Income Taxes via Business Messaging

If you're American or Canadian, tax day is coming soon. Be it April 15th or April 30th, if you don't have your taxes in by the start of May, you're in trouble.

Luckily for you, the company Tada has built a business messaging platform that enables personal income tax form submissions in under 2 hours.

Personal Income Taxes Business Messaging

From the comfort of your mobile device, Tada messages you some basic tax questions:

Do You Have Any Kids?

Were You Employed in 2015?

Did You Pay Off Interest on Student Loans on 2015?

Once you answer the questions, Tada has you upload a photo of your tax documentation to their servers, where, once uploaded, their tax professionals do the rest. After submission Tada representatives tell you your refund. Bam. Talk about some cool s*^t.

Business Messaging Income Tax Submissions

Personal Tailoring to Look Fresh

Need a new suit yet you don't have the time to visit a tailor? No worries, the brand Air Tailor is bringing the fresh suit game to your phone by way of business messaging.

The platform allows you to text with business reps about the need for an alternation or fix, get measured up in the comfort of your own home and send/receive that suit within a week.

Funky fresh cool s*^t business messaging.

See the World, Starting From Your Phone

Tax returns? Sure.

Fresh suits? Damn right.

How about traveling the world on demand? Hell yeah.

Pana is using messaging to provide world travellers with on-demand travel agents to help you book trips, find killer hotels, schedule flights and trek to the best destinations in the world.

Business Messaging Travel

Through the Pana platform, travelers have on demand business messaging access to real travel agents ready to provide them with flight information, hotel bookings, cool restaurants, great sight seeing and discounted deals.

Expedia and Travelocity are simple, yet they are algorithmic without personal touch. Pana brings you bot and human interaction through business messaging. It's a travel agent, in your pocket.

That's some Machu Picchu business messaging cool s*^t right there.

What Do You Want?

Finally, we present Operator.

Operator Business Messaging

Not sure what you want?

Not sure how to even look for what you want?

Operator business messaging, allows you to pose a generic inquiry:

I want to buy the best PS4 game for my friends birthday

...and find the answer through business messaging operator help.

That's great. How old is he/she? What type of games does he/she like?

Personal Shopping Business Messaging

The service is essentially a catch all for when you don't know what you want, are not sure how to find it and don't have the time to go searching. Operator brings bot and personal guided shopping to your mobile device, allows for instant purchase and easy shipping of a purchased item.

It's true commerce for the mobile inclined.

Talk about some cool business messaging s*^t.

Tell Us

Tada. Air Tailor. Pana. Operator. These are only a small portion of companies doing some very cool s*^t with business messaging solutions. These companies have raised millions in venture funding, have growing user bases and are leading the way in building businesses with messaging.

But we want to know, what are some business messaging solutions you would love to see built? Do you have the next best convcomm idea? Tweet us!

And one more thing, if you're in need of building your business messaging app, check out our REST API. Believe us, the possibilities are endless.

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