Messaging is the next era of consumer to business communications.

But how should you, the business owner, bake messaging into your customer support workflow and culture efficiently and with a competitive edge? Where should you invest? Which tools should you use? What kind of staff training does it involve?

So many questions.

We studied your needs and the very common challenges that arise with this new opportunity (messaging as customer service). And built a solution to appease your messaging woes and get you excited to use messaging for growth, customer engagement and employee happiness.

Here's how Smooch takes care of the most common conversational commerce problems.

1. Build It or Buy It?

If you have a group of developers on your team, you know they need time and expertise to build any solution. If you do not have a dev team on staff, outsourcing is even more expensive.

Learning messaging app APIs and/or building a custom messaging UI takes developer time, which equates to money, to build.

To deal with this issue, the Smooch platform requires no coding to start messaging, at all. Simply turn on the messaging channels you want and similarly, turn on the CRM, chat tool or backend business app from where you would like to manage messages.

Our REST API is available for advanced messaging options, like bots or custom UIs, but even developers love not having to learn or maintain all the messaging app APIs.

Note: if you're looking to build messaging inside your software, Smooch offers white-label service as well.

Smooch Slack Integration Smooch turnkey dashboard.

It's that simple.

2. I Don't Want to Get Lost in Messages

You'll never lose a conversation or feel message overload with Smooch.

Traditional live chat platforms are only as good as their memory and their memories aren't that good. Unlike traditional live chat services wherein previous messaging is deleted, Smooch not only archives all messaging in its conversation cloud to ensure continued conversations regardless of time gap, Smooch consolidates all conversations across platforms for easy management.

Be it:

  • Email
  • Web
  • In-app
  • Messaging Apps

Smooch consolidates all conversations into one place so your customer service reps can continue a conversation with ease and simplicity.

3. I Don't Want Another App Vendor to Manage

So you have customer messages flooding in from email, web, in-app and messaging apps. With multiple solutions, this would mean tracking multiple conversations across multiple channels without the ability to respond back within a singular platform.

Smooch changes this.

By integrating Smooch through a simple API toolkit, we allow all your incoming messaging - be it from Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, WeChat, email or web app - to be accessed through CRM or business facing chat applications like Slack, ZenDesk, HipChat and Salesforce.

Smooch Business Messaging Integrations

The last thing anyone wants to do is add another tool to your stack. Smooch simplifies this through integrations of your favorite tools. These integrations allow you to centralize messaging channels to the CRM of your choice. This means your customer service agents can be more efficient, happier and have less platform fatigue.

4. Training, Training, Training

Just like your dev team, time equals money. Just as it takes time and money for your dev team to create new internal solutions, it takes time and money to train your staff to get up to speed with every new workflow.

New workflows - applications, tools - mean new functionalities to learn, new logins to learn, new processes to learn. All of which takes time and money. And most importantly, puts employee happiness at risk.

At some point in time, all this new tech makes your employees feel like our frustrated gif below.

Smooch Solves Frustration with New Business Workflows

Smooch solves this issue by letting your staff use the same tools they already use with extra functionalities to send images, gifs and buttons inside messaging. Check out our cheat sheet for quick tips to get staff messaging like champs in no time. By supplying a platform with easy to use/learn rich messaging services (buttons, images, emojis, etc.) your staff will no longer have to get bogged down learning entirely new business workflows.

And this simplicity makes your employees happier and more productive which, in turn, makes your customers happier.

5. Bots on Bots on Bots

We know, you're already thinking of Arnold as the terminator. Don't worry though, all bots aren't going to either try to blow your head off or end up melting in an oozing pool of liquid hot molten lava.

For Smooch, we are talking about bots that can help your customer service reps deal with the more mundane questions every client asks when:

  • Starting a conversation
  • Paying for an item
  • Routing concerns to the correct department

By supplying your team with custom made messaging bots to deal with the more common questions every client asks, your customer service representatives will actually be able to deal with real customer concerns in a more efficient, more productive manner.

Smooch solves wasted time on basic conversations by empowering bots to do the more basic conversation commerce transactions for your business.

Bots Messaging

Smooch Gives Your Business...

  • More time
  • More money
  • Greater efficiency
  • More skilled conversation customer service reps
  • Cross-channel automated bots

We'd love to hear your messaging questions. Tweet or message us and let's start a conversation!