In a word: Good.

We all message.

Millennials are texting more than calling.

There are more people on messaging apps than social networks.

Teens would rather message than have a phone conversation.

The simple truth is we message because it is easier, more concise, archivable and allows for fun media inserts (videos, photos, gifs, emoji's).

So, a question...

What is Business Messaging?

Business messaging is the growing practice put into place by companies all over the world wherein instead of using a traditional telephone IVR or email system to communicate with clients, they message customers via the platform (think Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.) they are actively using.

In short, business messaging is messaging between businesses and customers to facilitate transactions, learn about new products and/or take part in personal shopping.

Now that you know what business messaging is, a question: Do consumers want and like when businesses engage via message or do they want the traditional phone call?

Yes, Consumers Like It

To investigate, we surveyed 450 US consumers. We found that although only 35% of respondents had already messaged a business, 65% said they want to be able to message a business or brand because it is fast and convenient. Business Messaging

Consumers Like Business Messaging, but for What?

So 65% of respondents said they want businesses to message them because it is fast and convenient, yet we wanted to know the 'what' of that want.

Our survey revealed the top 3 reasons consumers want to text with businesses are:

  • To get in touch with customer support
  • To schedule or confirm an appointment
  • To get product or service information

Platform, Personal Touch & Industry Touch Points

Consumers want to use messaging to interact with businesses. It's fast, data driven and easy. But did you know... B2C Messaging Reasoning

  • More than half of consumers want messaging to take place on 2 or more messaging apps. No big surprise here. Consumers are on multiple messaging apps and want the flexibility to message from where they are.
  • 85% want to text back a push notification. Simply put, people want to converse with brands and not be screamed at by them.
  • Interestingly, consumers want to message businesses across a wide variety of industries. Not one industry significantly stood out above another. That means people want to message in all walks of their lives.

Moreover: SMB & Enterprise Business Messaging

Put Your Money Where Your Fingers Are

And finally, money talks. Besides the benefit of customer experience, transacting across messaging is the end game! That is why we loved to find out that:

  • 50% of the consumers we surveyed said they would make a purchase via texting
  • Almost 70% of respondents said they would keep the contact information of their favorite business in their mobile device

That is HUGE news for brands. Win over your customers with messaging and be a whimsical thumb click away from customer conversations and potential revenue. The era of messaging as a marketing tool is well underway. Conversational Commerce

Download full infographic here.

Final Thoughts

2016 is looking to be the year of convcomm (Conversational Commerce). Here at, we think your company would be remiss not to seriously look into some form of business messaging, because:

  • The market has shown a want for it
  • The market has said they are willing to make purchases on it
  • The market wants it in all types of industries for the same reasons: customer service, scheduling, product information

Check out all the messaging channels you can start using instantly with Smooch (with or without code). Happy messaging!

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