It's a question of going to where people are. The simple fact is unless you have a revolutionary tool designed to wholly upend the market, it's best not to reinvent the wheel.

When it comes to mobile, the simple truth of this is by the start of 2014, most smart phone users weren't downloading new apps on a month-to-month basis.

Slowing App Downloads per Month

Moreover, a “staggering 42% of all app time spent on smartphones occurs on the individual’s single most used app.”

When put together, this trend means one thing: breakthrough apps, due to the market being flooded by literally millions of applications, are unicorns - rare and far between. They do happen and a fair amount of apps are killer cool yet the unicorns, well, remain unicorns.

Top Smartphone Apps, 2015

With the most used apps coming from already mature companies like Facebook, Google, Pandora, Yahoo, all companies must make a choice when it comes to marketing through messaging:

Due to app fatigue and the time/money it takes for full product development, does it make sense to build a unique application which might never catch on or does it make sense to forgo building an app and reach people where they already are?

Go to the People

A recent emarketer survey found a tiny 3.3% of Android apps and 3.2% of iOS apps still had active users after 30 days.

People are simply not in the app store. They are however on SMS, Facebook, WeChat and the other popular messaging apps. 2.5 billion people to be exact!

Have a look at apps like Magic, Operator, Air Tailor and RentHunt. All of which decided to forgo the expensive and time consuming process of building an app opting instead to build a product strategy around existing messaging platforms.

By utilizing already existing platforms like SMS, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or WeChat, all of the aforementioned businesses were able to get up in running in no time flat by reaching consumers where they already were.

The benefits of this strategy are simple:

  • No dev time for app creation
  • No money spent for app creation
  • More time spent building your core product
  • More time spent building your core support/outreach team
  • More time crafting effective and engaging messaging strategies
  • No installs means less friction means more customers

Lao Tzu Quote

Moreover, with platforms like RentHunt making the most of Facebook advertising with ads speaking to messaging, ads through social platforms allow you to target customers and get them started with a single click.

RentHunt Ad

Pierre Sabbagh, CEO at RentHunt tells us, "Messaging enabled us to transform the most boring form of advertising, into an open-ended personal conversation." - conversations that turn into customer relationships and sales.

Building an app is cool and advisable (if your business needs it), yet we are here to tell you, the benefits of leaning on messaging as the conduit of your product or service are amass and on trend!

Build Messaging, Not Messaging Apps

If you choose to side step expensive app creation, Smooch helps you reach your consumers by giving you access to the most popular messaging channels in one simple, easy to use, dashboard.

By aggregating and integrating your business communications with major B2C messaging solutions you can spend more time interacting with your clients and more time reaching new audiences as opposed to worrying about market app fatigue.

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