In today's world, if you work in marketing, you also work on the fringes of tech.

Maybe you've tinkered with html and can navigate Google's Inspector like a coder, yet the tools, apps and integrations available today enable you as a marketer or business owner to build the stuff only developers used to build!

Smooch's integration with Messenger and Slack is an example of this. So why Facebook + Slack? Get all the rich features Messenger offers, with the ease of replying from Slack.

Facebook as The Go-To Channel

Unless you have been living under a rock on Mars, you know that Messenger is one of the best social platforms to reach customers - like 900 million MAUs (monthly active users) big.

And, at the F8 Developer Conference in April, Facebook announced a slew of new Messenger features to help consumers connect, converse and transact with businesses.

Now, if you want to set up Messenger as a customer support or engagement channel for your business, Facebook makes it easy to do so. Just go grab your Messenger link from your company page and promote it EVERYWHERE!

The moment you want to (or are already) managing any of the following...

  • live chat on your website
  • in-app chats
  • email
  • SMS (texts)
  • other social channels like Telegram or Line probably want to consolidate chats for easy management from a support tool you already use. NOT ONLY THAT (I apologize for shouting), you probably also want the same individual platform functionalities across all channels.

Understanding Integrations

In short, integrations allow you to use your favorite business apps to easily talk, support and sell to your customers in a seamless fashion. Businesses love this because it puts all chats under one roof and developers really love this because it let's them get back to creating the next best thing in Ruby as opposed to explaining the intricacies of creating API integrations to the marketers.

Now, this post is about Facebook, but we can also teach you "How to SMS & MMS your customers, your audience or anyone really - using Slack" and all the other channels we integrate with, in a cinch.

How to Use & Slack Integrations to Chat with Facebook Consumers

1. Sign Up for

If you haven't done it already, sign up for Smooch. Be sure to say hi to SmoochBot.

Smooch Sign Up

2. Sign Up for Slack Chat

Go ahead, sign up. Trust us, you'll love it.

Slack Chat

3. Pick Facebook

After you sign up for Slack, cycle back to the Smooch dashboard and turn on Facebook as an integration.

Smooch Messenger Dashboard

4. Pick Slack

Still in your Smooch dashboard, find Slack and turn it on. Choose your Slack account when prompted.

Slack Facebook Integration Guided by

5. Integration Complete! Receive and reply to Facebook messages from Slack

Now that you are all integrated and set up, wait for a message notification to roll in. Once one becomes live, carry on your Facebook Messenger for business communications in Slack as you would if you were using the Messenger UI directly.

Tech Matters, But Please, We Make It Easy

You are marketers, customer success extraordinaires and business owners. You aren't IT database managers. For this reason, we created the easiest possible solution for you to implement your conversational commerce and support needs across as many channels as your customers are on.

We make it easy for you, so you can make it easy for them.

For more integrations, check that link. Now that you have business messaging via Facebook and Slack chat under control, kick back and celebrate with a few doughnuts.