Messaging or conversational commerce is far more memorable than a phone conversation.

There, we said it.

Just as Betakit put it perfectly in Smooch Wants to Make Conversations with Business More Human: would you rather call a company or text them?

It’s time to break away from outdated forms of customer service, merge the communication silos, and talk to customers on-the-go, where they want. The customer is always right, right?

Here's why we stand behind messaging as a more human and memorable means of consumer business communications.

An Experience Like No Other

Although messaging isn’t new; messaging your favorite brand, is. And messaging is so distinctly different compared to phone or email.

As such, messaging has more memorable edge.

How often does a brand send you a party time gif or sad face emoji apology? Not often, right? Well, that’s about to change.

Take Whole Foods as a prime example. When talking to the Whole Foods bot on Facebook Messenger, users can message an emoji of cake, then receive a slew of cake recipes. Same goes for images and keywords. What fun!

The Most Efficient Service

As we are all painfully aware, talking to a customer service rep on the phone is far from a quick process. God help you if they transfer you to someone else.

Through a messaging app, since all of your personal data is already saved to your profile or device, everything is super efficient and routing is behind the scenes.

Joshua Gans for the Harvard Business Review restates this fact beautifully, recounting his interaction with a Rogers Communications customer service bot on Facebook Messenger.

In Gans’ own words, the help he received through Messenger was nothing less than “stunning efficiency.”

And this is all achieved through a popular messaging app, a medium people are used to and comfortable using.

You also can't forget that being able to send money through Facebook Messenger also adds another layer of speedy effectiveness. Finding your credit card will never be an issue again.

Making Commerce Personal

People want to feel unique and special when interacting with businesses, plain and simple.

Some stats from a recent Nuance Communications, Inc. survey pretty much prove this fact. Take a look:

  • 73% of consumers want their customer service conversations to be personalized
  • 63% of customers hope to receive personalized suggestions on products and reminders from businesses.
  • 83% of consumers don’t want to deal with passwords and PINs anymore, desiring a personalized authentication process.

All in all, users want brands to speak with them as a person, not a vague and undefined consumer.

A human/bot hybrid is the answer to making commerce personal (and scaleable) in a way customers truly want.

By simply asking a few questions, a chatbot can quickly understand a customer’s unique wants and desires, recommending them specific products they’ll actually want. Plus, conversation history is unified across channels and archived for more personalized marketing outreach.

Convenience And Simplicity: What People Really Want

Simplicity means business, and I mean that literally, since customers want purchases to be as simple as possible. Or, to borrow a term, customers want “decision simplicity.”

To put a number to it, brands that have high decision simplicity scores are “86% more likely… to be purchased by the consumers considering them” and “115% more likely to be recommended to others.”

And since the top 4 messaging apps are forecasted to reach 4 billion by 2018 and today Android users spend on average 23 minutes and 23 seconds on a social messaging app every single day, it would obviously make life a lot more convenient if customers could connect with businesses through a their chosen messaging app.

So if businesses want to keep things convenient and simple for their customers,, conversational commerce is the best route.

Businesses Need To Get On Board, Right Now

It’s already a plain fact that businesses using chatbots to facilitate conversational commerce have seen some serious benefits.

These consumer-stats from My Clever Agency will quickly show you why:

  • 67% of consumers already see chatbots as the most desirable form of communication between customers and businesses, second only to face-to-face.
  • 68% are truly excited at the ways conversational commerce will reinvent the ways in which customers can interact with a brand.
  • A full 53% of consumers are more likely to shop with a business they can directly message, for all of the reasons listed above.

And there are ton of businesses already on board, with more than 18,000 bots already on Facebook Messenger. 23,000 other companies are already developing their own bots for Messenger, so expect droves more in the near future.

For any and all companies, the opportunity to create a new and effective channel to reach consumers is right now.

No brand or business should miss the boat on conversational commerce, which is what Smooch is all about. We’re here to foster friendly intimacy between companies and people via messaging, a relationship that will benefit both parties. Get started with Smooch.