Meya + Smooch: bot distribution heaven is a powerful bot building and hosting platform that takes the pain out of building powerful bots. Created by a mensa team out of Waterloo, Ontario, Meya was built so bot developers everywhere can focus on their products without fretting over bot infrastructure and framework.

We were stoked when Meya integrated with Smooch to connect its powerful technology to our messaging platforms and business systems. Their short demo below illustrates how Meya beautifully syncs customer messages from Facebook Messenger to customer support in Front in a human/bot use case. From canned bot flows to human/bot hopping, Meya is just in their beginning stages of easy and powerful bot building.

Note: If you have never witnessed a customer service bot in action, watch this video. human/bot hybrid customer service demo

Bots are rapidly being popularized by large customer-centric companies, digital agencies building bots for Fortune 500s, and bot-first startups. Regardless of who is building the bot, customer service goals are universal; solve the problem, delight the customer.

We love that Meya is empowering bot developers to build these amazing bot experiences and do it with accessibility and ease of use; two values we hold dear at Smooch.

"Companies need access to their customers on all channels. Meya and Smooch together make this happen with bots." ~ Erik Kalvianen, co-founder at

So give Meya a spin and get full access to our iOS and Android SDK, plus all messaging front-end and back-end channels.

And be sure to read Erik Kalviainen's full article on How to Build Human/Bot Customer Service.