Smooch + Converse: the drag and drop / multi-channel chatbot solution - a chatbot platform to build, train and launch bots quickly and easily - has integrated with Smooch to offer multi-platform distribution to their customers.

We are excited to work with Converse because they are one of the chatbot frameworks out of San Francisco bringing a true unique solution to the bot market; a drag and drop interface to build automated customer conversations.

The most complex chat flows are extremely easy to set up.

With Converse you create conversation blocks with variations of one commonly asked question, then drag and drop those blocks into a chatflow (shown below). The NLP will trigger the necessary conversation block based on customer's texts.


Why automate conversations?

Consumer communications are moving towards messaging. Neilson reports that 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can directly message. This is especially true among the younger generations. The Internet Trends 2016 report finds that 48% of Gen Yers rate chat and social as the number one business contact channels.

Automated conversations are the best way to scale without added overhead costs. It saves labour, increases response time, lets teams manage multiple departments under one tool stack and ultimately improves overall customer satisfaction.

More Converse features

Converse's superpower is their easy chatflow builder interface, but it's not their only feature. More features include:

  • Chatflow modules. Perform tasks such as HTTP calls and filters. Manipulate and store data. Or create rich media output for networks like Messenger or Slack.
  • Third party modules. Drag and drop third party modules such as Hubspot, Mixpanel and Clearbit into your chatflows.
  • Online payments. A Stripe integration (also a Smooch feature) allows businesses to transact easily inside conversations.

How it works

With Smooch, Converse customers can deploy conversations across an array of channels such as Web Messenger (live chat), all popular messaging and social channels, in-app or commonly used business systems in a few clicks - no code required on most integrations.

To get started with Converse and Smooch, follow these simple steps:

1) Create your Smooch account
2) Enable the messaging channels you need
3) Copy your APP ID and Token in your settings
4) Create your Converse account
5) Link up your account with Smooch and other systems you use
6) Build your conversation using Converse's Chatflow interface

Data is extracted at each step of the conversation - this can be used with modules or passed on to the SP’s own system to be processed.

Read more, about the Converse ChatFlow here.

"Smooch's multi-channel capabilities make it easy to integrate real-time chat into both web and in-app. And it's so easy to get up and running. What more could we ask for!" - Tony Lucas, Converse CEO