We’re happy to announce a new integration between Smooch and Elev.io.

Elevio is an all-in-one support concierge delivering timely and relevant help to website visitors. Imagine having a customer support person, a product specialist and a technical support person in the same room with one common goal; to direct you to the right place and answer your questions.

That's Elevio.

Not only will you get the answers you need in that web session, but with Smooch's in-app messaging (or live chat), every session flows into a stream of conversations that are never lost and are hyper rich with contextual features.

That means, you can link to help center articles, schedule demos, and send automated in-app messages from within live chat.

And, you gotta love these stats. Elevio customers have proven to:

  • 2X visitor time on site
  • Increase pages per session by 80%
  • Drop bounce rates by 33%

It impressed us, too!

Needless to say we were stoked to hear what Chris Duell, Elevio's CEO had to say about our product, "Smooch is one of those products that just makes sense; being able to communicate with people via a tool that you're already using, like Slack, makes keeping on top of comms so much easier. The their API was an absolute breeze to work with".

So check 'em out! Elevio is uber simple to integrate, has a proven track record and spreads the customer love with messaging :)

Elevio Live Chat

If you're interested in integrating Smooch into your product, see our API, sign up and blow us a kiss hello.