Welcome to the StackPile family of 55 cool website apps.

StackPile an app aggregator + integrator, now includes Smooch.io in their stack offering.

The trending startup (check them out on Product Hunt) gives developers and business owners an easy way to install and update 3rd party apps and integrations on their websites - like Google Tag Manager, MailChimp or Facebook Pixels - in literally seconds.

Curious to see how many integrations you have running on your site?

Go to StackPile Detect > insert your URL > and find out.

I almost guarantee you'll go, "Oh yeah, I added that years ago!".

Stackpile Detect

Replace hundreds of lines of code from all those website integrations with one line from StackPile, then use the StackPile UI to turn on your integrations:

StackPile code

It's really a web integrator's dream.

Not only is it a time-saver for non technical people (like myself) to add new integrations easily, but also ideal for testing. This way, there's no API doc scrambling; just plug n' test.

Check out their pedigree of apps (including Smooch for all your messaging needs) and their Unified Analytics API.

By plugging into Smooch via StackPile, you get the simplicity of integration installations AND all the messaging goodness Smooch offers:

Talk to your customers on the messaging channels they use from the communication tools you use.

Special thanks to StackPile.io! Keep up the good work guys.