Stigma is a micro-journaling tool (app) helping thousands of people be manage mental health. The well-being company tracks moods based on journaling context, location and fitness to improve happiness through the lost art of journaling.

We were happy to see the team at Stigma sign up to Smooch back in January 2015 and grow ever since. I caught up Dan Seider, co-founder at Stigma and here's what he had to say about working with Smooch.

What were you looking for in a messaging tool?

Nothing at first. I was simply going to set up a help email address inside the app and manage messages from my inbox. Then I saw SupportKit (now renamed Smooch) on Product Hunt and decided to try that. Note: Dan saw what was our first ever Product Hunt campaign.

I was going to hide the in-app support inside the settings menu.

But my advisor reviewed Smooch and convinced me that it was a powerful tool for customer success. Thanks to him, I placed an information/help UI prominently on every screen. And the response was huge.

About half of my early adopters were messaging me and funneling vital feedback back to product development.

How else do you use Smooch?

Whispers! We use Whispers in two ways.

First, for app reviews. We tested sending Whispers at different points in the customer journey. Today, we convert more than 10% of Whispers to app reviews.

Second, to communicate product updates or news. Whispers actually saved the day for us a while back. We released an accidental fatal bug and every new user was unable to save a journal entry, which is an essential part of a journaling app! I set up a Whisper to go to every new user explaining the critical bug and correction plan. I also volunteered for anybody to message and express their utmost frustrations at me. In the end, no one screamed and everyone was understanding to wait the bug out.

Congrats on scaling! Can you tell me how you transitioned backends?

In the early stages of Stigma when the team was still small, we used iOS front-end and Slack back-end. We liked Slack because the notifications let us respond on the spot and on the fly.

It wasn’t long and we were managing thousands of Slack threads. It was just impossible. So I turned on Zendesk inside Smooch. With ZenDesk, it was easier to open tickets and push them through the customer service flow.

We plan on opening up Andriod soon well. We know it will be easy to turn on Smooch messaging for Android.

Any last comments for us?

In-app chat responsiveness combined with Smooch Whispers helped cultivate our community and get critical app feedback. I really became obsessed with customer experience, because Smooch made it so easy! And the dev team was very supportive and gave me full comfort to go on to a third party API. Very happy I went with Smooch!

Is Smooch right for your app or business?

If you're looking to turn on messaging for support or engagement (in-app, live chat, social, SMS and more) and manage messages from your tool of choice, then yes - Smooch is for you! Get started in minutes, here.

Special thanks to Dan for being a Smooch supporter :)

Check out Stigma and rediscover the art of journaling!