If your company is new to the practice of business messaging, two thoughts might be running through your head right now:

  1. Do my customers want to message us?
  2. How would messaging fit with my company?

Well, if your customers can message you when it counts most to them, it is a fit for you. Here are 5 scenarios when messaging counts the most!

When someone needs help

Whether someone is halfway around the world in a low reception area or around the corner from home and needs something, texting is the fastest and most convenient way to get information.

Someone might want to locate a killer restaurant, book the hotel they've been lusting after or need a good book recommendation. A simple text does the trick best.

Here's an example of how travel fits into the messaging world.

Smooch.io Travel Business Messaging

When it comes to travel alone, more than half of all digital travel bookings are expected to take place on mobile devices by the end of 2016 and that numbers will bump to 70% by 2019. And that is just travel. Imagine all the other schedulings, bookings, and conversational commerce that will happen over messaging.

When someone needs customer service

Look, we like shooting the s**t about the best new products on the market but when we have to return a new pair of over-the-ear headphones because they were mercilessly tight, nobody needs a phone conversation.

Studies bear this out with, 38% of consumers wanting to check an order status via SMS and 52% preferring business SMS over IVR.

The proof is in the pudding. See how easy texting can make returns in this example.

Smooch Customer Service SMS

Returns and all regular consumer business transactions should be simple, effective and quick. Business messaging allows for this. No long conversations and no terrible wait music. Short and sweet guaranteed customer satisfaction.

When someone is shopping online or in-store

Shoppers need advice, size + colour availabilities, sales information and much more, *all the time*. Moreover, they need personalized service. Messaging shopping can help.

Business Messaging Service

Much like interacting with customer service reps via business messaging, B2C messaging shopping enables shoppers, in a quick and effective manner, to contact experts to advise on what to buy, where to buy it and how much it should cost; right to the consumer's fingertips.

Even the boys and girls at Facebook, are busy building a SMS based personal shopping assistant designed to guide consumer retail buying experiences and increase satisfaction.

Finally, when it's urgent!

The last thing anyone wants is to listen to a IVR version of "The Heart of Rock and Roll" when they need urgent healthcare advice.

For both the patient and the doctor, messaging improves communication (80% of medical mishaps occur due to miscommunication), assures compliance, increases patient-to-doctor engagement and enables better overall patient care.

Is messaging a fit for your business?

There is no reason it shouldn't be! Getting started with messaging is as easy as putting a widget on your website and deciding where you want to receive messages, be it in SMS, email, or a CRM that we support like HelpScout or Front, or a team collaboration tool like Slack.

Business B2C2B & C2B2C messaging is applicable to a ton of verticals. From healthcare, to shopping, to travel tips and customer service, it's quick, easy and highly engaging.

To get started with your empowered business communications message us below or sign up for free. Once you've signed up, our bot will help you connect your messaging channels of choice (with out without the help of a developer).

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