Warren Levitan

Warren Levitan is co-founder and CEO of Smooch. He's passionate about building winning cultures that drive innovation, exceptional performance and extreme employee and customer satisfaction.

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Conversations With Customers Are an Untapped Data Goldmine for Businesses

The rapid rise of the customer data platform suggests brands understand more than ever that customer experience is the new battleground for business. According to Walker, a CX consulting firm, 2020 will be the year customer experience surpasses price and even product as the key competitive differentiator. If businesses are...

How to Address the Omnichannel Dilemma

Businesses committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences need to be wherever their customers are. Few would argue with that premise. The challenge is that in today's multichannel world customers are everywhere. In the last few months, Google, Facebook, and Apple have all debuted platforms that allow businesses to connect with...