We’re happy to add support for persistent menus! Not just on one channel but the two channels that offer it; Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

These two not-so-small platforms combined host over 2 billion active users. And we are making it easier for businesses to up the ante on their messaging experiences with one convenient menu directly inside their messengers for both platforms.

What’s in a persistent menu?

A persistent menu is exactly that: persistent. It remains at the bottom of the messaging app at all times for fast, convenient command-hopping in a conversation flow.

Menu items (up to 5) can be any command (postback) your bot supports or an external link. That means, you don’t need to have a bot to have a convenient persistent menu for your messaging customers. Menu items could be as simple as store locations, pricing, hot items, etc…

*Facebook Messenger + WeChat Persistent Menus*

One API: Facebook + WeChat

Configure your persistent menu for both Facebook Messenger & WeChat in one API call to Smooch. You can update your menu easily as your bot or service evolves and your persistent menu items will be the same for all your customers on both platforms.

Review our API doc for persistent menu for all the details.