Release notes are our latest product and feature updates and improvements.

Suggested Replies

Remember when bots would ask you to TYPE out a reply?

To learn more, type MORE. To return to the menu, type MENU

That was the first generation of bot conversing.

Then we released postbacks. Postbacks are buttons that you inject into the conversion.

*Postback example*

And now, we have suggested replies. Suggested replies are suggested answers formatted in up to 5 horizontal buttons and designed to guide and speed up conversations with a sleek one tap UX.

The main differences between suggested replies and postbacks are: postbacks can be used more than once and they remain inside the conversation thread whereas replies are located at the bottom of the conversation interface (just above the keyboard) and disappear on click for a cleaner chat history.

![Smooch Suggested Replies](/content/images/2016/07/quick_reply_cropped-2.gif)
*Suggested replies example*

Why are suggested replies so cool?

Driving the conversation. Suggested replies let you steer conversations through pre-validated and common answers. You can get the results you want and your customers find what they need.

Frictionless. There is no typing. Which means no frustrating autocorrect while typing answers and only 1 tap instead of several.

Multi-channel. Our reply buttons are supported across Facebook, LINE, WeChat, Telegram, Email + SMS.

On-demand. Suggested replies are syntax powered; so humans can send canned reply buttons on the fly.

Learn more about Smooch suggested replies here and how to send all types of action buttons via our API here.

There's nothing better when shopping than scrolling and selecting from a menu of images.

Carousel is a stream of up to 10 horizontal scrollable images with up to 3 button options on each.

![Smooch carousel](/content/images/2016/08/carousel_demo.gif)
*Facebook Messenger Carousel with Smooch*

Why use carousels?

Conversions. Carousel is an awesome medium to showcase your products or content. Think of it as the closest thing to Sam's Club taste samples, only inside an online conversation.

Multi-Channel. Set up one carousel and it is supported across multiple channels. We recommend Facebook and Telegram for the best carousel effect. Web and SMS are functional with text and actions but do not support images, yet. Full support for carousel on our mobile and web SDKs will be added soon.

Data. With Smooch, you can sync conversation and carousel data into your sales or marketing automation tools. With this information at your fingertips, you can know your best selling items or your best selling channels, which customer profiles convert and so much more.

One API. No need to learn multiple platform APIs when Smooch connects you easily to all messaging channels and business systems that you need for easy conversation management.

Learn more about Smooch carousel here.

Web Messenger Update: colours, buttons + animation

Our cross-channel Web Messenger was well received at launch in July and now it’s even better. In your Web Messenger Integration Settings you’ll see new color options, plus a toggle between a floating button or a tab for your website messenger display.

*Smooch Web Messenger Settings*

Up to 3 Color Flavors

You can now color up your Web Messenger in 3 custom color sections to match your brand’s color palette. The 3 sections are (also shown above):

  • Brand Color (header + badge button)
  • Conversation Color (chat bubbles)
  • Action Color ( call-to-action buttons)

Plus, an automatic contrast detection will identify if your colours are dark or light and adjust text color accordingly to contrast with your color picks.

Pro tip: setting distinct action button colors will draw the eye and encourage click throughs!

*Smooch Web Messenger Color Examples*

Badge Button + Animation

We also added a floating button option. In your dashboard, you can toggle between having a footer tab a la 'How Can We Help You?' or a button (illustrated below).

Buttons are:

  • Synced with brand color selection
  • Animated to fade out and expand into the Web Messenger on click
  • Customizable with your logo/custom artwork

So go for it, test it out and make your Web Messenger as unique as you are!

*Web Messenger Button Animation*

There you have it! Our most recent updates. Up next, we're strengthening the ease of integration for partners. If you'd like to know more about partnerships or become one, message us.