Our newest integration lets you bring each conversation you have with your users through Smooch into Help Scout. Now, you can manage conversations with your mobile app's users directly from your Help Scout mailboxes. It's fast, it's scaleable, and boy is it ever awesome.

What's Help Scout? Why should I use it?

Help Scout is a powerful, simple and complete help desk system that doesn't come with all of the regular help desk headaches like a complicated UI, a slow web app and an expensive price tag. It's trusted by over 4,000 businesses like Trello, Basecamp and AngelList.

Communicate with your mobile users, without leaving Help Scout

When your users start a conversation with you, Smooch will create a message in your Help Scout mailbox that includes any contextual data you saved so that you can diagnose the issue quickly. You can manage messages from Smooch as easily as a message created over any other channel.

When you reply to a message in Help Scout, Smooch will translate your reply into a beautiful in-app message that's delivered directly to your user's device. Our deep integration means these messages are delivered almost instantly!

You can start messaging your users from Help Scout in minutes, simply sign up or log in and activate the integration. Enjoy!