I'm happy to announce the launch of our email integration. You can now manage customer emails the same way you do with any messaging channel.

As Hamnett wrote in Why Messaging is the New Email, we are in a transition period; entering an era where messaging will erode email as a consumer to business communication channel.

Mary Meeker's thorough 2016 Internet trends report demonstrates this clearly.

KPCB 2016 Internet trends report

As you can see, there is much business still to be had over email. But the uptrend for messaging is clear and as each generation grows out of email, it is important to adopt messaging channels today.

So how can businesses manage both, painlessly?

With Smooch.

Our new email integration makes Smooch the perfect tool to continue using email as long as customers want, while concurrently adopting messaging and manage it all from the same place. We're bridging the two together.

Email messaging: how it works

It's simple. You forward all your "help@company.com" emails to Smooch and we securely deliver them to all your configured business systems.

Step 1. Email Setup

Open 'Email Messaging' inside your Smooch dashboard, under Messaging Channels.

Smooch Email messaging

Once enabled, we provide you with an app-specific Smooch email address. Copy that.

Next, you'll want to set up your own email address in the From field and configure auto-forwarding for it.

Smooch Email Messaging

Step 2. Configure Auto-Forward

Go over to your email provider (Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange,...), and setup forwarding so that it sends all emails to the Smooch email address you just copied.

If you need help, check out our handy provider specific instructions.

Once the forwarding setup is complete, make sure to test it in your Smooch dashboard and it will confirm that the routing works.

At this point, you'll never have to reply from your inbox again. All customer emails will be delivered to every business system enabled in Smooch. And like always, replies will be sent to customers in their original channel and synced across all business systems.

Email features

Although email doesn't elude the same personal and chatty experience as messaging apps do, you and your customers can still use most of the fun features messaging offers:

  • Customers can send images or any type of files via attachments
  • You can reply back with funny GIFs or any image types too
  • Both you and customers can exchange friendly emojis
  • You can send customers links and purchase requests (via our Stripe integration)

Check out our docs to learn about everything you can do with the email channel.

The benefits of cross-channel

Email is a great entry point to start a conversation and continue on another more engaging channel, like Facebook Messenger or SMS. You'd be surprised how many customers are happy to Facebook message you - it's fast, responsive and very likely to be one of your customer's top 3 apps.

Above all, giving customers the choice to communicate over the channel they want, is winner.

Stay tuned to learn how Smooch.io will make it even easier for you to carry unified conversations from one channel to another.

And that is email, folks

Will email be around in 5 or 10 years? Forecasts say so. With Generation Yers growing out of email and into messaging, our bet is on a combination of email and messaging for the next while.