Introducing Carousels for Smooch SDKs: A More Exciting Way to Drive Action in Chat

One of the most anticipated features of our Smooch Embeddables is finally available. Starting today businesses can send carousels as a native message type in their Smooch-powered iOS, Android and Web SDKs.

Carousels are an interactive way for businesses to present their products, services and features while messaging with customers. Now available in Smooch Embeddables, carousels allow you to deliver truly innovative and unique experiences through web and in-app chat that until now have only been available on leading consumer chat apps like Facebook Messenger. Together with our other rich and interactive messaging features, carousels help you bring the sort of modern chat experience that end users have come to expect to your customers’ apps and websites.


We’ve built our carousels to give you maximum flexibility in powering a wide variety of use cases. Carousels support up to 10 cards, with each card being comprised of a title and up to three calls to action. Descriptions can be added along with images, which can be displayed in either a horizontal or square aspect ratio. Supported calls to action include links, postbacks, buy buttons and Conversation Extensions. Take a look at our iOS, Android and Web SDK carousel guides for more details, and access our API documentation here.

We’re constantly evolving our SDKs to include all the little bits and pieces that make modern messaging so powerful. From typing indicators, to timestamps, read and delivery receipts, real-time notifications and all the richest message types like emojis, images, carousels, buy buttons, quick replies, postbacks and location sharing, our commitment is to ensure that you have everything you need to deliver an experience that stands out from the pack.

When you need to enable more complex workflows and use cases, take advantage of our Conversation Extensions that can enable purchases, appointment setting, surveys, bookings and other multi-step tasks, while optimizing the user experience and maximizing conversion rates.

As a reminder, we recently revamped our SDKs to better answer the needs of enterprise software makers. Smooch Embeddables now support full distribution rights with code-level branding so SDKs can be offered to your customers as your own, as well as the necessary UI customization options to satisfy all of your customers’ branding needs. Finally, for customers on our Enterprise pricing plans, we make source access available as an option for those wanting to further extend our SDKs and include custom features specific to their products.


To take advantage of carousels for Smooch Embeddables, make sure to update to the latest versions of our iOS 6.7.0, Android 5.8.0 and Web 4.7.0 SDKs.