In the old days, customers landed on a website and a live chat window popped up where they would either start chatting, wait for an agent, or be directed to email. If they closed the window the conversation ended. Businesses had no other option but to work with a live chat vendor who walled their data and enforced their own backend.

Today, we’re excited to launch Smooch Web Messenger where a customer can start messaging with a business via the web then continue the conversation on Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, LINE, SMS or email. And businesses manage it all from a business system they already use.

No more walled gardens. No more disjointed or lost conversations. It’s a bridge between live chat and messaging apps, built for customers and businesses alike.

Why live chat just isn’t good enough

Asides from the reasons mentioned above, live chat just doesn’t hold a candle to messaging. Here’s how messaging is better:

  • It's a continuation of a conversation so it's not always starting from scratch
  • It’s rich with powerful features like payment processing, gifs and emojis
  • It has re-engaging SUPERPOWERS

And Smooch Web Messenger brings it all together for the first time in cross-channel messaging goodness.

Connecting with customers on Web Messenger

Smooch's Web Messenger gives website visitors the freedom and connectivity (they expect today) to talk to businesses where and when they like.

Customers connect to messaging channels inside Web Messenger and stay connected for richer, long lasting conversations. They can find businesses easier from inside their apps and even receive messages via mobile notifications (more details on Smart Notifications below). Web Messenger

*Smooch Web Messenger Interface*

Businesses’ other channels gain visibility and reach! Plus, they get to manage conversations the same way they always do with Smooch: from business systems they already use for sales, support or marketing.


One cross-channel conversation record

Regardless of channel, all conversations are consolidated in the Smooch Conversation Cloud under a single user profile and conversation record. Web Messenger

That means…

A customer can start a conversation on Web Messenger, continue on Facebook Messenger, return to the web a month later and all messages over time and across channels are centralized in:

  1. the business systems enabled inside Smooch;
  2. in our Conversation Cloud, accessible to businesses via our API;
  3. in the customer’s web messenger.

Smart multi-channel notifications

Almost equally as powerful as the Web Messenger itself, is its Smart Notifications feature. Smooch closes the customer conversation loop by making sure that customers NEVER miss a business’ reply. We will notify customers when and where it makes sense, without ever being spammy.

For example, if a customer is linked to Facebook Messenger but is having a conversation on the web, a notification will be sent to Facebook only if the last message stays unread on the web for 5 minutes. In another scenario, if a customer was last active on Facebook Messenger and a message is unread there, a notification will be sent right away.

Plus, notifications are not limited to reactive messages, but can (with respect to customer needs) include proactive messages like the example below.

Customers don’t have the wait around for agent replies anymore!

Smooch Smart Notifications

More features

More message enhancing features of Web Messenger include:

  • Active conversations: Sessions are a thing of the past. In Web Messenger conversations are continuous and chat history re-appears automatically when messaging windows are activated.
  • Easy customizable UI: Change default copy and colours easily.
  • Open source SDK: Leverage our open source SDK to fully customize the Web Messenger to match your brand.
  • Embed mode: Give messaging better visibility on your site by embedding the messenger UI directly into your page.
  • Business hours: Tell customers when there are no agents available to message.
  • Aggregate profile data: Leverage insightful data like location, name, and more user properties aggregated across all connected apps.
  • Auto-replies: Set auto-replies based on behaviours on your website.
  • Backend routing and syncing: Route conversations and customer profile data to wherever you like.
  • Rich features: Take advantage of the rich capabilities inside messaging to elevate the customer experience: send gifs, images, action and/or payments buttons.


Our friends over at GradeSlam (instant messaging based tutoring) partnered with us getting early access to Web Messenger.

With Web Messenger, they are able to better promote channels (Facebook Messenger, SMS, email) and manage hundreds of conversations across them, using our Slack integration.

“Instant messaging is the future of communication. Giving customers a choice when it comes to how they message you is going to be pivotal. This is where Smooch makes it easy. Our customers are already connecting to Messenger, email, and SMS from the web - it’s killer!"
**Phil Cutler, CEO**

Future of B2C messaging

Smooch’s Web Messenger gives customers communication choices and businesses options for responding. It’s new and it’s exciting and we hope that you become a part of our journey to rich business-customer communications.

Give the Web Messenger a try by messaging us from our website or go on and get started for free!

Update (August 16, 2016)

We’re happy to announce that as of today - SMS, Web, Facebook, WeChat and Telegram link together - catching and fetching each other’s conversations between them when they are linked to Smooch.