In January 2014, SupportKit first came onto the scene as this simple, tiny wrapper put together by a few engineers working in a skunkworks up in Montreal, Canada. It didn’t do much more than wrap Zendesk’s mobile web interface in a native way, so that apps could help their users be successful without redirecting them to external web sites.

What started as a simple Zendesk wrapper slowly transformed into something bigger and more powerful than we ever imagined. By working closely with so many of you, we came to understand just how transformative a messaging channel between an app and its users could be. Last month, over 5.2 million people communicated with you through SupportKit. We love this traction, and we're inspired by the way developers like you are using our platform.

An ever-growing percentage of developers using SupportKit are building an entire app experience around messaging and conversation. They're building rich, deep interactions with their users. Companies like Treat, Harry's and so many more are using SupportKit to re-think how humans and technology should work together.

Under the name SupportKit, people thought we were about customer support. That's still true - our platform is still and always will be a great way to provide support. But really, we're about so much more.

Our interactions with businesses are increasingly in the language of technology. Taps and swipes — displacing hellos and thank yous — pay shopkeepers and summon cars in seconds. It’s convenient, no arguing that, but each of these interactions over time saps part of what makes us human: an actual experience with another person.

We’ve decided to choose a very different path. One in which technology adapts to us, not the other way around. That helpful suggestion, the reassuring “yup,” a shared laugh. The inimitable experience of a human conversation. We believe this helps to create meaningful moments and reveal insights about people that bloodless data points can’t touch.

That’s why we changed our name to Smooch.

Smooch makes messaging the primary form of communication between a business and its customers—bringing humanity and personal relationships back to a world obsessed with scaling and hyper-growth. The relationships we build among ourselves and our customers, partners and investors will reflect this. We’ll strive to be just as transparent, communicative and grounded in our discovery and growth.


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