We've got a fairly sizeable team on it now and I find it difficult to keep up with all the articles and links that are shared across our Slack channels.

When I stepped back and looked at what was going on, I realized that my teammates were curating some of the best content on the web - how awesome would it be if I could read it all in Flipboard while I rode the bus, or in Pocket while I rode the subway or was on an airplane?

Unfortunately, Slack doesn't really have a way for you to create a feed from all the links shared in a channel. That's why I've built Slack-RSS. With just a few clicks, you can generate RSS feeds of the links shared in any of your Slack channels:

Get your Slack Web API Token

Start by heading over to the Slack Web API page where you can grab (or generate) a token.

This token allows the app to get a list of links that were recently shared in your favourite Slack channels.

Deploy the Slack-RSS app to Heroku

Heroku is a great, affordable platform for running simple Slack apps like this one.


Simply click the button above to deploy the app. When prompted, enter the API key you generated above.

Visit your new app and get started

Once you've deployed, you can simply visit the URL at which you deployed the Slack-RSS app. You'll find instructions on how to easily generate an RSS feed of links from any of your Slack channels.

Protip: Automatically import new articles into Pocket

If you're like me and spend part of your commute riding a subway or find yourself locked on a plane without wifi - you can use IFTTT to add new links shared in your Slack channel to Pocket. Simply sign up for this integration and point it towards the RSS feeds that this app generates.