Let's make a bet:

If you win, you can say Smooch.io doesn't know what they are talking about to your friends.

If we win, you can tell your friends that Smooch.io makes conversations with customers inside live chat better.

If you have 'live chatted' with any company under the sun, either on desktop or in-app, and had to leave the chat for whatever reason and come back to an empty live chat window, you feel the pain that we are solving.

Those were the old days of live chat.

The new and improved rules are such:

Old Live Chat vs. New Live Chat

The difference: old live chats were a one-off affair, wherein users would speak to a customer service representative to resolve a singular issue, after which the conversation disappears into the void. All future conversations start from zero.

Not only could the company not access previous chat logs tied to a unique user, the customer couldn't pick up on old chats to build on their interactions with that company over time.

Old Live Chat means abrupt and awkward exchanges of words between two complete strangers. New Live Chat is the long committed relationship that customers and businesses truly desire.

The Down Side of Old Live Chat:

  • While problems got resolved (if the experience wasn't broken), they were one off problems not able to relate to previous interactions, purchases or general customer service concerns.
  • Communication stayed one-on-one. A singular live chat instance between a customer and a customer service representative stayed between those two people, not allowing other customer service representatives to build on previous interactions.
  • The history is missing. Maybe a customer service representative wants to know if the client they are chatting with has a previous history with the brand. If the notes aren't captured in a CRM, that information is lost or archived, not being leveraged.
  • There is no conversation consistency between platforms within the same brand.

We can do better.

New Live Chat with Smooch.io

  • Context. Customers and customer service representatives gain the ability to see purchase history, interaction history, line of inquiry history and pretty much all history. Especially when leveraging the full power of Smooch to centralize all customer communications channels to the same CRM or back-end business tool.
  • Timing. With chat history automatically turned on, the ability to leave a message and get back it when the time is convenient proves to be perfect for customers on the go and after business hour messages being answered the morning after.
  • Cost. At the end of the day, money is always the deciding factor. Luckily, live chat solutions have been consistently shown to cut down on chat centers budgets by lessening business-to-customer interaction costs.
  • Metadata. Smooch live chat provides the metadata on the profile information such as location, ID, timestamps and more.

So, How Does it Work?

The technical bit is, well, technical. All that matters is the seamless customer experience. As such, it works in a pretty simple manner.

  1. A customer visits a business website or accesses live chat through a bevy of mega cool apps servicing all sorts of needs.
  2. The UX live chat representative chats with the customer about whatever issue is at hand.
  3. The customer logs off chat to go back to living life.
  4. When the need arises, the customer logs back on to the website or app in question and continues chatting about a previous archived issue or something wholly new.

Note: the messaging history is saved whether the user is logged in or not.

An Example with Slack

Smooch syncs your live chats to a support tool you already use. We’ll use Slack for an example. Slack is a great chat tool that aims to bring all team communications together in one place. But here’s the thing, you can integrate instantly with Slack or any of our CRM and chat tool integrations listed here, or use the Smooch API to integrate with any custom backend you already use.

With Slack, you'll get a notification (shown below) that a customer has sent you a live chat message. The notification will state whether the user is 'starting a conversation' or 'continuing a conversation'.

Users continues conversation

Then you go into the conversation channel for that user and you can see the user ID and profile. Click on Show More, and pouf, the entire history is there.

Slack Smooch Integration

In the this example, Sarah is asking Fred for a book recommendation. Fred can look back and see that he already recommended a book and she's come back for another one. Two points stand out in this example: 1) the history is not lost and 2) Fred can refer to the previous conversation for a more personal experience!

Easy, peasy.

Note: if you have multiple team members responding to live chats, you'll see who last serviced the user and so will the user!

Staying in the Loop with New Live Chat

So how about that bet?

The new live chat with Smooch, in every way possible, is far and away more customer and business friendly, conducive to customer loyalty and better suited for targeted customer service interactions.

So come on. Out with the old and in with the new.

Time to tell the world about your lost bet and their gain in business to customer messaging solutions.