Our mission at Smooch is to change the way app makers and app users interact and engage through messaging. Millions of conversations have been possible through Smooch-powered iOS apps and today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve brought Smooch’s beautifully simple in-app messaging to Android.

From the ground up Smooch for Android uses purely native technologies, it’s uniquely designed for Android. This means it’s fast, like really fast.
Not only does it run fast it’s quick to install. Smooch for Android is just as easy and quick to add to your app as it is on iOS. You can pull it off in under 10 minutes.

On top of its speed, Smooch for Android is also versatile. You can customize the look and feel, and even re-implement the entire UI if you wish, using our full complement of APIs.

What are you waiting for? Sign up or Log in to Smooch to add beautifully simple in-app messaging to your Android app today.