I'm always a little disappointed whenever I see one of my favourite apps throw a modal dialog at me to ask me to leave a review on the app store. As you've probably noticed, this dialog always seems to come at the wrong time, gets in the way of what you're trying to do, and frankly is just plain rude.

![How rude!](/content/images/2015/07/how-rude.gif)

It's rude to interrupt someone. Mom taught us that. She also taught us to ask dad for the car only after we brought him a beer or mowed the lawn. Thats the Law of Reciprocity and we are using that law to boost your cred in the App Store.

That's why we've designed our newest feature to automatically ask your users for an app store rating at exactly the right time, without annoying them. It's seamless, subtle and personal to your users.

Rating request

Review requests appear as an in-app notification, just like a text message from a friend. When your user taps on the notification, they're taken into the messaging interface with a welcome message and a rating request.

Users can either tap the link embedded in this message to leave a rating on the app store, or reply to the message to provide feedback to you instead. A great way to cut-down any possible smack-talk on the App Store.

You can start generating more positive ratings for your app right now by making sure you're using version 2.9.0 (or higher) of the Smooch iOS SDK. Feel free to reach out to us if you need a hand upgrading or have any other comments or questions about how this powerful new way to generate app store ratings.