Facebook Messenger Platform + Smooch

We're happy to announce the launch of our Messenger Integration. You can integrate or upgrade to the Messenger Platform in your Smooch account today!

What you need to know

Earlier this month, Facebook upgraded Facebook Messenger to Messenger Platform (beta) and doing business and customer support through Messenger is now more attractive than ever. As a business, you will be able to promote messaging in newsfeeds, your company page is now searchable inside Messenger, and you can match customers by phone number to replace SMS with messaging. Add rich messaging features on top and Facebook has given businesses 1) reach and 2) the tools to engage targeted audiences in conversational commerce, the new UI for business.

What's missing is this: a way to manage messages that is optimal for your business. And by optimal, we mean scaleable and efficient for you.

Smooch.io + Messenger

Why manage messages inside Messenger if your business already uses a customer support or help desk tool the team loves?

With Smooch, Messenger conversations are yours to manage how you want. Plus, centralize messages from all front-facing support and engagement channels, such as in-app, live chat, email and SMS - for management in one place.

Here's what you can do with the new and improved Messenger inside Smooch

With Messenger, you can add interactive buttons and images that help you delight customers and offer products/services to actually drive them towards completing a transaction.

  • Images & gifs. Send and receive images over Messenger and they are synced to any CRM or backend app you use.
  • Buttons. Easily inject beautiful calls to action, like 'See More' or 'Watch Now', anything really, from any CRM or backend app you work with. The button text, link and colour are all customizable.
  • Payments. Easily insert Buy buttons using simple markdown commands for our Stripe integration. Buttons open a credit card window for the fastest payment processing possible.
  • Bots. Automate tedious tasks and routine replies with bots. In its simplest form, you can build a bot to greet customers, qualify or walk them through an onboarding process and then hand off the data-loaded conversation to a human. Bots are automatically integrated across all your messaging channels, like Messenger, SMS or Telegram. Read about how to build your bot.

All the features above sync across any of our pre-integrated business apps. But, if you don't see the app you'd like or if you have a custom CRM, an integration with our REST API will give you the same juicy feature set and syncing.

How to get started

If you are already connected to your Facebook account inside Smooch, you'll need to upgrade. Go into your dashboard, and upgrade Facebook Messenger, as shown below. Easy, peasy.

If you haven't started messaging with Smooch, what are you waiting for? Sign up now :)

Learn more about what you can do with Messenger or message us any questions you have. Always happy to talk messaging!