integrates with a variety of messaging apps, so you can talk with customers wherever they are. Today, and coming soon we have: Messenger, Telegram, Line and WeChat.

Smooch Messaging Apps

So why, you ask, are we coupling up with these apps? We believe that each channel combined with Smooch is the future of B2C messaging.

With this in mind, let's dive into each messaging app to see how each will impact the future of business to customer messaging.


From an audience point of view, as of late 2015, Messenger reported:

Facebook Messenger Daily Users
Source: Statista

With 900 million active daily users, a policy which allows users to use Messenger without having to download Facebook and multiple features like:

  • The ability to search for businesses
  • Global calls for free
  • Sending photos, gifs and videos for free
  • Sending maps and locations instantly
  • Sending voice messages through SMS
  • Sending money instantly and securely to friends
  • Group chats
  • The ability to build custom bots to interact with your customer base to deal with very common questions or to carry on conversations that collect valuable data and insight

...we would be insane not to integrate with Messenger.


Telegram Messaging

While it doesn't have the user base of Facebook Messenger yet (currently clocking in at 62 million users) Telegram is a powerful and cool messaging app that is native to every platform. We challenge you to install it; you might be surprised to see people in your network already using the service.

Telegram allows users to:

  • Encrypt all communications
  • Self destruct messages with a timer
  • Build group conversations of up to 5,000 people
  • Sync existing chats across all devices and platforms
  • Send documents of any type
  • An open and clean API to easily build integrations
  • Gain access to global markets

Like Facebook Messenger, the reach of Telegram is global and shows a daily user rate of roughly 30 million.

Telegram is truly one of the leaders who is innovating in messaging capabilities and creating a place for bots to live. We would be silly not to integrate with it.


Line Messaging Service

Never heard of Line? Well, that would mean you're not one of the 560 million active users on the messaging app of which roughly 200 million are active daily.

The Japanese based messaging solution has nearly 215 million active monthly users, has been downloaded over a billion times and most interestingly, only has roughly 30 million users in the United States.

If you're a marketer or someone selling a product, Line represents a direct line into international and expanding markets. Integrating Line into your business communications is a smart play.

So, what does Line messaging do?

  • Free voice and video calls, anywhere
  • Damn cool stickers to send more expressive messages to friends, family, businesses etc.
  • Photo, video, voice message sharing
  • Direct notifications of popular brand coupons and the latest news
  • Archive messages, photos or videos for easy finding later on

Line Stickers

So, go on. Download Line. Check it out, play around with it, send some cool stickers. We guarantee once you've downloaded it, you'll see why has chosen to make it a featured integration.


Never heard of WeChat? Well, roughly 1.1 billion people have. Moreover, 440 million of them, all around the world, are active monthly users ranging in age from 20 - 29 (about half of the user base) and 30 - 39 (second largest demographic).

Holy cow.

WeChat Messaging

The Chinese based messaging solution is a true rival to both Line and Messenger.

The free messaging app provides an insane amount of features:

  • Free video and voice calling, from anywhere
  • Timeline moments to share with friends and family
  • A crazy cool sticker gallery to express yourself
  • The ability to broadcast messages, find friends through local radar and find other random people nearby through the same radar tech
  • Chat history, web chat, easy personal data share through "shake" and group chat with QR codes enabled

With over a billion users, WeChat, like Line, is a direct stream into international markets and developing economies. It connects people from all over the world in one easy to use, very pretty application.

Integration with Smooch? You know it.

Chats in One Place

And remember, the main reason why is integrating with the above mentioned messaging apps is because your customers (and loads of potential new customers) want to message you from these apps.

Once you have an account on these apps, our integrations make it dead simple to communicate with all your customers on any messaging app from one or many CRMs or business apps you already use.

It's B2C messaging done right.

Smooch B2C Messaging
Receive and reply to messages sent from any messaging app inside Slack (shown above), or any CRM or helpdesk software you already use.