At Smooch, we believe that people should be able to 1) talk to their favorite brands over any channels they like and 2) have continuous conversations across said channels.

Last month, we launched Web Messenger with Facebook, WeChat and Telegram linking so people could start a chat on your website - hop between Facebook, Telegram, WeChat and back to Web - and conversations from each channel would unify.

Today, we’re happy to announce that customers can chat uniformly over all the aforementioned channels and SMS (via our Twilio integration). SMS is undeniably a preferred customer communication channel and we’re excited to make it even easier to get and stay in touch with customers and vice versa over this channel.

![GIF showing both the widget and phone while doing linking](/content/images/2016/08/animation-2.gif)
*Smooch SMS Linking*

How it works

Once customers send an initial message on Web Messenger, they are presented with SMS as a notification option (alongside Facebook, Telegram and WeChat). When they provide a phone number, a confirmation is sent to their phone. And voilà, chat on SMS and the conversation is mirrored on your website.

Smart notifications

Our smart notifications work in the same fashion with SMS - customers receive notifications for missed web messages via SMS, so no messages go unread and customers can continue the conversation when it’s convenient for them.

Already using Web Messenger?

If you already use Smooch Web Messenger with an active Twilio integration, SMS linking will be automatically available to your customers and website visitors.

API + SMS = proactive linking

We’ve opened up an API so you can proactively engage with customers who’ve already provided their phone numbers to you. With their phone numbers you can enable the conversation on SMS for them with a single API call. Optionally, you can also skip the verification step (we recommend doing this only if you’ve already verified the numbers). Our API opens up all sorts of opportunities to proactively connect your customer’s mobiles to all your communication channels for one unified customer view.

See our docs for all the details on this new Smooch-ability.

Smooch’s SMS linking is just one more step to free customers from browser jail and give them more options to talk to you on their own terms. More linking features coming soon!