Starting now - you can support location based interactions on Smooch, across a range of messaging channels. You can access information regarding the user’s location in one of two ways:

  1. Location requests: You can send a location request to your users which will be displayed as a suggested reply in supported channels.
  2. Location sharing: Users can share their location at any time from the attachment menu in their messaging app of choice.

Location sharing on Messenger and Telegram

There’s a large number of use cases that can benefit from receiving the user's current location — where location data has the potential to increase timeliness and relevance of an interaction. Some examples include customer service agents that already know where you are, making it easy to book an appointment at the closest repair shop or helpful travel bots that can tell you about hotels, transport and attractions near you.

Location requests

To request location from a user, you can use Smooch button syntax from any of your configured business systems:

%[Send location](location)

If you’re building with the Smooch API, Post message now accepts messages of type locationRequest. See location request button in the documentation.

Location requests will help you provide personalized and accurate customer service to your users. Use it to build new use cases for travel, guest and hospitality, transportation, logistics, real estate, and more.

Location request on Messenger and iOS SDK

Location requests are natively supported on Facebook Messenger, Telegram and built-in with the latest version of our iOS, Android & Web SDKs. For other channels such as LINE or SMS, Smooch sends the request in text format.

Location request text fallback on LINE

Location sharing

Users can now share their location with you at any time on the following channels: Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, WeChat and Viber

For all our business system integrations, location messages are shown as a handy google maps link.

If your server is listening for the message:appUser webhook event, you’ll receive the location data as part of message events.

    "trigger": "message:appUser",
    "messages": [
	"_id": "5887c22356c66904009ad602",
            "text": "Location shared:\n,-73.595346",
            "authorId": "76293a38b24c5cca43e79415",
            "received": 1485292067.601,
            "type": "location",
            "coordinates": {
                "lat": 45.5261583,
                "long": -73.595346,
            "role": "appUser",
                        "source": {
                "type": "messenger"

Location sharing will help you locate the user faster, without requiring back and forth with a customer service agent. If location is core to your experience, you can also respond any time a location is shared to display your most relevant content.

What’s next?

If you’re on the Free, Essentials or Premium plan, you’re all set — you can start requesting location at any time. If you’re using the Smooch API, head over to the documentation when you’re ready to implement it into your product. Interested in sending location messages to your users? Tell us about the customer experience you want to build. We would love to help!