Here at Smooch, we're all about humanizing the relationship between people, businesses and technology.

We've taken a good, hard look at our product experience to make sure that we were living up this purpose. In particular we looked at our onboarding flow and realized that in many cases it could leave a new user scratching their heads.

That's why we've just launched an experiment - 'conversational onboarding'. Here's what it looks like:

Conversational Onboarding GIF

When you sign up to Smooch, you're now introduced to SmoochBot. Our friendly assistant walks you through setting up your account so you can start messaging and experiencing our product as easily as possible.

We built SmoochBot and this entirely new onboarding experience using our REST API and our open-source web messaging client. This means that you can build an experience just like this in your own product, across any platform Smooch supports (iOS, Android, Web, SMS) and synchronize it across business services such as Slack, Help Scout, Zendesk, Front and more. We've also open sourced our bot framework code on Github, and we've also posted a step-by-step guide on how to build your own bot.

Isn't that awesome?

Despite all this, the new on-boarding flow has us wondering just what will happen when new users start experiencing it. Is conversation a better way for new Smooch users to be welcomed to our platform? What will customers say to SmoochBot? What will we learn from all this? Will this help improve our funnel completion rates? Will we have to fire SmoochBot [gasp]?

We simply don't know the answers, but we're keeping a close eye on the data. If you want to stay in the loop, follow us on twitter or sign up to our newsletter below!