Back at WWDC in July when all Apple's iOS release details came out, I was at the conference live and feeling like a kid in a candy store. Wide-eyed and bushy tailed, I left pumped to get back to the office and start building on Apple’s most open release yet. From letting developers extend iMessage to being able to integrate with Siri, this release had very exciting opportunities for developers around the world.

For Smooch, our first iOS 10 “exploit” is all about notifications.

Because as we all know, notifications are pivotal to all mobile OSes usage.

Inline reply and conversation history notifications

As UX design becomes better and better everyday, one or two taps too many can kill an experience. Worse yet, is taking a user out of their flow. With this release, users can now reply directly from a notification.

Albeit, we are playing a bit of catch up here (this is actually an iOS 9 feature), we went all in and built an iOS 10 UserNotificationsUI extension to let users see a few previous messages of their conversation history once the notification is opened.

![Smooch iOS 10 Notifications](/content/images/2016/09/animation-1.gif)
*iOS 10 notifications with inline reply + conversation history*

To add this rich feature of conversation history you’ll need to add our extension into your app. Read about it here in our docs.

System in-app notifications

While in-app notifications are not new for the Smooch iOS SDK, iOS 10 allows us to use the system notification in-app, instead of our custom in-app notification. This is a much better experience for a few reasons. You know the Steve Krugs saying, don’t make me think? The new in-app notifications keeps the user in whatever app section they are already in. That means, no switching from notification to messaging, back to app. Less navigation is less thinking. The experience is also the same familiar experience as with all other notifications in iOS 10.

Use in-app messaging for onboarding, greetings, behaviour-based triggered messages, ratings and more.

Note: Users on iOS 9 and users who opt-out of push notifications will remain on the previous experience (our custom in-app notifications).

Ready to upgrade your customer’s experience? If you haven’t already upload your push certificate to Smooch and upgrade to our latest iOS SDK.