Release notes : More integrations and a brand new integration directory

One of questions I get asked all the time is about integrating Smooch with other trusted software you love. That’s why we’ve built Smooch Connect, which makes giving access to your Smooch account to a third-party a matter of a few clicks.

One of the first partners to take advantage of Smooch Connect is Init is an incredible platform to build, train, and deploy intelligent conversational apps. It’s rich, well thought out and built for developers looking to go turbocharge their AI/NLP based bots. Once you connect your Init account to Smooch your bot instantly has access to all the customer channels we currently support and will magically gain support for any new channel that we add in the future.

Init is joining our growing list of bot building tools that work with Smooch. As of today, Smooch also integrates with, Meya, and Gupshup.

We are also adding two up-and-coming helpdesks : Rep & Gorgias so that you have even more ways to engage with your customers on any channel that they use.

New Integration Directory

With all these integrations being added to Smooch, it was clear we needed a new way for you to browse and discover them. Our web app now has a new integration directory where you can browse for integrations by category, read and compare features, and see how the integrations work through videos and screenshots. The new integration directory gives you everything you need to find and install the perfect integration you’re looking for.

integration directory

Check it out here

Become a Partner

If you think a Smooch integration with your software would make sense and want to be featured on the integration directory, you can join our platform very easily. Check out our partner section, start exploring the Smooch API and get started by submitting our partner application
We’ll help you get started with your integration and provide any help you need with the Smooch API.