Smooch is Becoming Sunshine Conversations

In May, we told you why we joined Zendesk. We wrote about our history as a growing team in Montreal’s Mile-End, from our beginnings as a skunkworks project to a cool, fast growing startup of 60 people breaking down the barriers of customer engagement.

Then, on a sunny spring day, Zendesk swept us off our feet. A whirlwind romance, Smooch and Zendesk came together to realize conversations in a unified platform vision.

Together, we share a passion for enabling amazing customer experiences. We believe in the power and potential of conversational data. That’s why we’re going all-in with Sunshine.

As of October 3, the Smooch platform will now be known as Sunshine Conversations.

With this rebranding we’re wrapping up the Smooch blog, but we’re not really going anywhere.

We’re still making content that you know and love, you’ll just have to update your bookmarks. You can find it on the Zendesk blog, or in Relate by Zendesk, our digital publication. The Message, our newsletter, isn’t going anywhere either. If you’re not already subscribed, you can do that here. The Drop is still available for our customers and will continue to keep you current on the cool stuff that we’re delivering each month.

You can read more about our co-founder Warren’s vision for Sunshine Conversations here, too. We look forward to seeing you there.

Let’s continue to enjoy the journey together!

Thanks for the memories.