In spite of the massive growth and adoption in messaging across new platforms and media types, SMS retains the mantel as the messaging channel with the largest global reach and the broadest adoption by businesses. A complex SMS ecosystem continues to pose a challenge to software makers seeking messaging with global reach, reliability, low-latency and high rates of deliverability.

Today we’re pleased to announce MessageBird—one of Europe’s fastest growing communication innovators—is now integrated as a channel with Smooch.


This integration provides our customers with a new partner for global SMS coverage, high quality delivery, and with very competitive pricing. With the MessageBird launch, Smooch now supports multiple SMS integrations—enabling you to enhance resilience by adding greater diversity and redundancy to your SMS routes.

The all new MessageBird integration delivers the full range of SMS features supported by the Smooch API. With an Amsterdam HQ and 7 regional offices spanning from Singapore to San Francisco, MessageBird opens up your global SMS footprint. 900+ direct or one-hop carrier connections and an efficiency-based telco stack makes MessageBird a great solution to deliver to almost every country in the world with low latency.

With its optimized software and the consistent amount of high-volume traffic going through their platform, MessageBird offers some of the most affordable pricing options on the market.

"Our goal has always been to make communicating with customers as easy and seamless as possible. With the new Smooch integration we’re excited to offer our SMS platform to even more users." - Robert Vis, Founder & CEO

Getting started

All you need is a MessageBird account. Use your existing one or sign up here.

You can add the MessageBird integration to one of your Smooch apps with a single API call like this:

curl \
     -X POST \
     -d '{ "type": "messagebird", "accessKey": "i6UY1VGFh6NvyTnnt3VUnoM4F", "originator": "12262120821"}' \
     -H 'content-type: application/json' \
     -H 'authorization: Bearer your-jwt'

This call adds an integration of type messagebird to a given Smooch app. It also provides Smooch with your MessageBird accessKey, which you can get from the Developers page. An originator also needs to be provided—it’s the MessageBird number Smooch will be using to send SMS for this app. You can read our Integration API documentation for more details on this integration.

What’s next

At Smooch, our mission is to humanize the relationships between businesses and their customers. Messaging is the medium we have chosen to affect this change as we believe that it provides the most convenient and engaging way for humans to interact. As the world’s most ubiquitous messaging technology, SMS continues to play a big part in democratizing access to messaging around the globe.

We have a deep ongoing commitment to SMS as a channel, and we’ll keep working tirelessly to make it as powerful and easy to use as possible. As SMS continues to evolve towards its richer cousin, RCS, we look forward to working with experts like MessageBird to bring these capabilities to our global audience.