The Drop August 2018

New in Smooch this month: Our new Smooch Sandbox for WhatsApp lets you test the integration today; new channel capabilities guides; we're now SOC 2 Type I compliant; a new data storage guide; updates to our APIs and SDKs & more!

What’s new 🎉

Smooch Sandbox for WhatsApp

As you know, production usage of the WhatsApp Business API is only available to a select few brands and customer service platforms for now. How can you get ready for WhatsApp the moment you receive approval? Try the Smooch Sandbox for WhatsApp and start testing the integration right away! Check out our step-by-step guide to activating the sandbox.


Save your seat for our free webinar! WhatsApp Business: Customer Engagement Game Changer

Join us and our friends at Sparkcentral for an insider’s look at WhatsApp Business for customer care and engagement, Thursday September 27. Learn why omnichannel business messaging is the next frontier of CX, what makes WhatsApp so different from other customer care channels (and how to best leverage it), why leading brands are investing in WhatsApp customer care, and the results they are already seeing! Register for the webinar here.


More channel capabilities guides

New channel capabilities guides are now available for iOS SDK, Android SDK, Twitter DM, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, LINE and Twilio SMS. Easily visualize all the different content types, actions, structured messages and indicators that are supported by each channel, as well as the support level (full support, partial support or not supported).

Smooch is now SOC 2 Type I compliant

It’s now official! As of June 30 2018, Smooch has completed its SOC 2 Type I audit for the Security and Availability Trust Services Principles. Learn more about Smooch’s ongoing commitment to security and privacy from our Head of Technical Operations & Security, Ignace Mouzannar in his latest blog post. Ignace provides insights into our strategy and processes for keeping your data private and secure. Read the blog.

Data storage at Smooch

Wondering what data Smooch stores and how we store it? Our new data storage guide takes you through how we do just that, and gives you all the relevant info on which APIs to use to delete apps, app users, conversations, messages and more.

New algorithm for anonymous user naming

At Smooch, we truly value your feedback which is why we’ve made an update to the logic we use to assign a name to a message when a user is anonymous. Many customers have told us that our randomly generated animal names were not appropriate for them. So long Fabulous Camel 🐫! Learn more about the new logic we use to determine the message author name in the absence of a user’s name here. You can also check out our Introduction to Users guide to read more about our different types of users. Note that we’ll soon release an update to the App settings API to allow you to keep using animal names if you prefer 🐵🐶🦊.

Other API & SDK updates ⚙

  • Twitter DM update: We’ve added support for receiving typing events and read receipts.
  • Android SDK: We’ve added support for apps targeting Android 9.0 (Pie) or higher. See our release notes for v5.14.0.
  • File type validation: As of next month, the Smooch API will start detecting the type of file uploaded to the platform and will refuse files that are outside our whitelist. We've been closely monitoring file types uploaded to Smooch by both users and businesses to ensure we don't refuse legitimate files. Adding file type validation to the platform will help protect you and your users against potential viruses and harmful software.
  • Web Messenger: v4.13.0 included a multitude of updates. We’ve added support for multiline user messages. You can now disable the notification prompt shown after a user's first message and we added a new API to allow you to show it at any time. Finally, we have a new API to prefill the user's chat input.