New in Smooch this month: a new way to configure WhatsApp business profile information via the Smooch Dashboard, multi-line labels for action buttons on iOS, a new setting to echo postback buttons on SDKs, small updates to our Web Messenger and the latest messaging news & insights.

What’s new 🎉

WhatsApp business profile configuration

There are two different ways to configure business profile information for each number connected to WhatsApp. You can use our Update Integration Profile API or you can easily configure it through the WhatsApp Integration page in the Smooch Dashboard. From the Dashboard, you’ll be able to upload your business profile photo, your company description and contact information. Learn more about the two different methods here.

If using the API to configure WhatsApp business profile info is more your thing, we’ve just released a new API that lets you upload a profile photo. Previously, you had to host that image yourself or call our Attachments API before being able to set the photo. Now, you can upload that photo directly.


Multi-line action buttons on iOS

So you want to send messages with buttons that have extra long labels? No problem! We shipped a new version of our iOS SDK that supports multi-line action buttons. v6.12.0 also includes updated styling on message bubbles and action buttons, as well as a new default accent color. Check out the release notes here.


Echoing postback buttons on SDKs

We’ve added a new optional App setting for SDKs where you can specify whether a message should be added to the conversation history when a postback button is clicked. This lets users see what action button they’ve clicked on in their conversation thread. When enabled, an appUser message is silently added to the conversation, without a corresponding message:appUser webhook being triggered. Learn more about this feature here.


Other API & SDK Updates ⚙

  • Web SDK: We released v4.17.2 which now displays a "disconnected" banner when the user is not connected to Smooch. You can now subscribe to two new events, connected and disconnected. We also fixed a bug where multiple calls to start a conversation or create a user could cause the creation of duplicate appUsers or a 409 conflict error. v4.17.3 introduces a change where the conversation scrolls to the bottom when the user clicks on the unread badge. v4.17.4 was released with a new setting to use sessionStorage as browser storage. Learn more about browser storage here.

Stay up to date with all our updates by checking our full changelog.

Messaging News & Insights 🤓

Marketing Tech Awards 2019 update

Thanks to all of you who voted for us last month! We’ve been selected as a finalist for the Marketing Technology Awards hosted by ClickZ and Search Engine Watch under the Best Chat/Conversational Bot Tool category. We’re in good company there, going up against Drift and Wizu. Winners will be announced on March 21 in New York 🤞.

Webinar Recording: Clarabridge x Smooch

Getting Personal: Connecting with Customers Via Messaging
Smooch CEO Warren Levitan and Clarabridge founder Sid Banerjee co-hosted a webinar earlier in February. They talked about the rise of messaging, what it means for the contact center and how Smooch and Clarabridge are partnering to help brands leverage their conversational data to deliver more personalized customer experiences. Don't worry if you missed it — you can check out a recording here.

Smooch in the News

We’ve been working with Jane’s Due Process to help them create a helpline to connect teen girls in Texas to resources and information about their reproductive rights. In Diginomica, Jessica Twentyman took a deep dive into why this service is necessary, and how Smooch helped JDP scale their operation. Mashable and Fast Company looked at how JDP’s service fits into the trend of sex-ed messaging, taking a glance at another Smooch community partner, SextEd, and Planned Parenthood’s chatbot Roo.

How can Businesses Leverage Technology Without Losing Their Personal Touch | Telegraph
Our CEO Warren Levitan was interviewed in the Telegraph about how bots can solve numerous problems if companies don’t over-rely on them. As chatbots become increasingly common in contact centers, Warren reinforces the importance of communicating in a way that feels natural to customers.

The Next Wave of CX Messaging Trends (From Those Who Know) | AiThority
Smooch’s Editorial Director Dan Levy draws on the State of Messaging 2019 report to highlight trends in CX messaging. Between newly available APIs and customers becoming more comfortable chatting with brands, Dan pulls expertise from industry insiders to show how messaging adds value to CX strategies.

Conversational Commerce is no Longer Just a Buzzword | New Digital Age
A collection of insights and quotes on conversational commerce gleaned from our State of Messaging 2019 report, highlighting the momentum of messaging for brands who want to craft personalized and human customer experiences.