the drop July 2017

The Drop is our monthly update that highlights new features and recent enhancements we’ve made to the platform, so you can easily stay informed on what’s new in Smooch. Here’s what we launched in June.

This month we’re happy to introduce a new message type to the Smooch API, enabling you to send files to end users. We’ve also added a new Attachment API, allowing you to upload files to use in future messages. You’ll notice a few tweaks to our API, iOS and Android SDKs, and an update to our Webhook retry policy.

What’s new 🎉

Send files to users

Send a file on facebook messenger

We’ve added a new message type to the Smooch API to enable you to send generic files to end users.

File messages can help remove friction during key business flows. For example, sending a PDF to sign a contract as part of a sales conversation will speed up closing that important deal. Sending a zip file that contains a new beta build will avoid the user a round trip to his storage limited email inbox.

Read more about the File message type in the API reference documentation.

Upload Attachment API

Upload API

We added a new Attachment API for you to upload files that can then be used to send file, image, carousel or list messages to users. Attachments can be reused to send the same files to many users without having to re-upload the same data each time you send it. This can be very handy when crafting carousel messages that you’ll keep on reusing.

Using this API allows you to not have to worry about using your own hosting & storage. You can just trust Smooch to serve your files whenever your users needs them.

The attachment API accepts any kind of files up to 10 MB. Read more about it in the API reference documentation.

Smooch API & SDKs updates ⚙

  • Our appUser schema now includes a new raw field for each client owned by a user. This new field includes all the user profile information available on a channel and is provided without any modification. See Raw client info for the complete list of provided fields for each channels.
  • New SKTInitializationDidFailNotification notification for failling initialization and login calls. See Smooch iOS SDK 5.8.0 for more details.
  • New conversation ViewDelegate to be notified when the SDK start another Android activity like the Camera app, Galery app, Settings apps or the Web browser. See Smooch Android SDK 4.8.0 for more details.

Other polishes ✨

We’ve updated our Webhook retry policy. If one of the webhook you configured start failing to answer Smooch, we’ll send you a warning email after 15 minutes of downtime. If failures are unresolved within 8 hours, we’ll automatically disable your webhook. Also, smooch will not retry webhook calls if your server sends back a non-recoverable error code.

We’ve put these changes in place as part of our continuous effort to make the Smooch platform even more reliable, resilient and scalable.