The drop June 2017

The Drop is our monthly update that highlights new features and recent enhancements we’ve made to the platform, so you can easily stay informed on what’s new in Smooch. Here’s what we launched in June.

This was a big month for us, with a new channel to our platform, as well as a new way to link customers between channels through our API. This is all part of our larger goal of allowing your software to have the widest reach possible, while giving you more flexibility.

What’s new 🎉

Programmatic channel linking for Mailgun

When we introduced our Channel Linking API, we knew it would be an important building block to the future of messaging. That’s why we’re devoted to adding more and more channels to it.

This month we added one of the most important channels in messaging, email. It’s a critical channel for several industries, we knew it had to be a priority for us. If you have a Mailgun integration in place already, you can put this feature in action right now.

This gives you a whole different kind of interaction via email with your customers. We’ve demonstrated a use case we’re particularly excited about: A customer could start a conversation with a company on Facebook Messenger, a hotel for example, get information, book a room, and the hotel could send that customer their reservation information via email. This is just an example, but it could also be used for important notifications, sensitive information, the possibilities are extremely wide ranging.

MessageBird: New SMS channel


Despite all the innovations in the messaging space, SMS still gets it’s share of use. We’ve recently added MessageBird, the up and coming star of the European SMS scene, to our platform. Adding more SMS choice to our platform means we can give you better rates, but also broader coverage to reach more corners of the world. For more details check out the Smooch announcement and the MessageBird announcement.

Privacy Shield certification

As the messaging industry grows, the need for tighter security and privacy of conversations is growing extremely fast. Messaging is bound to host a growing amount of highly confidential information, like credit card numbers, personal identification, or medical information, securing these messages and protecting the privacy of users is on every company’s top list of priorities.

Being at the forefront of the messaging industry, it’s always been clear that Smooch would have to comply with highest level of certifications. That’s why we went through the process of acquiring the Privacy Shield certification. This program was devised by a partnership of the U.S., EU and Swiss commerce authorities, in order to achieve the highest standards of privacy during data exchanges. Acquiring certifications is only one facet of our larger commitment to security, as we are always improving the security of our infrastructure as well as revising the security model of our APIs.

Updated pricing for software makers

The messaging space is growing and evolving quickly, lead by software innovators creating conversational experiences. That’s why we have introduced new pricing plans targeted to specifically meet the challenges faced by software makers. Learn more about our focus on SaaS companies and software innovators and the thinking behind the new pricing on our blog.

Smooch API & SDKs updates ⚙

Other polishes ✨

  • You can now specify multiple events when creating Webhooks from the Smooch dashboard

Sneak peek 👀

A big part of customer service is not just about exchanging text messages, but also files. We’ll be releasing a solution for this type of messages next month.