The Drop March 2018

The Drop is our monthly update that highlights new features and recent enhancements we’ve made to the platform so you can easily stay informed on what’s new in Smooch.

New in Smooch this March: the ability to whitelist domains for the Web Messenger, a better way to handle LINE users who block a business, typing indicators and business read receipts for Twitter DM, plus a sneak peek of what’s to come in April for our SDKs.

What’s new 🎉

Enhanced security for the Web Messenger

To help you keep user data safe, we’re giving you full control over which websites the Web Messenger can appear on. As of today, you can create a whitelist of specific domains the Web Messenger can be seen on, making sure it never appears in unintended places. Read our guide on domain whitelisting to learn more.

Other API & SDK updates ⚙

  • LINE update: Users who block a business are now handled more gracefully. When a message fails to be delivered to such users, you’ll now be notified via a delivery:failure webhook.
  • Twitter DM update: Typing activity and read receipts are now supported on this channel to provide a more modern messaging experience for users.

👉 Make sure you’re up to date with all our new features and bug fixes by keeping an eye on the Smooch changelog.

Sneak peek 👀

Uploading files to a conversation on mobile or web chat

Uploading files to a conversation can be pretty handy for users. Say they’re in a conversation with their telco and want to discuss their latest invoice, or they’re talking to a potential employer and want to send their resume. Sometimes, photos just won’t cut it and a PDF needs to be uploaded. We’re just about to ship an enhancement to our iOS, Android and Web SDKs enabling users to attach any file type to a conversation. Watch our iOS, Android and Web SDK release pages for more info once the feature is available this April.