The drop May 2017

The Drop is our monthly update that highlights new features and recent enhancements we’ve made to the platform, so you can easily stay informed on what’s new in Smooch. Here’s what we launched in May.

This past month, we’ve been working hard to bring you a better way to monitor all the apps you use in your Smooch account. We’re also pretty pumped to introduce a new way to interact with your customers through Facebook. As usual, you’ll notice a few updates to our API and SDKs that will make your lives easier.

What’s new 🎉

Dashboard update

Smoooch Dashboard

We added a new homepage to the Smooch Dashboard, that way you can see all your apps at a glance and keep everything organized. Our platform is built to power messaging for all your customers via Smooch apps, so we made sure that the new experience would be speedy and facilitate working with an unlimited amount of apps.

Now, if you’re going to manage a really high number of instances, you don’t want to be clicking and scrolling to find the one you need. That’s why the dashboard now has a search bar, which allows you to find the right app quickly, all while keeping your fingers on the keyboard. We’ve implemented keyboard shortcuts around the search bar as well. For example, hitting the forward slash key (/) focuses on the search bar, you can then switch between apps with the arrow keys, and select the one you want to open with the return key.

Search bar navigation

This is just the beginning, but we think this will greatly improve workflows within Smooch.

Channel Linking for Facebook Messenger

Our Facebook Messenger channel is about to get a whole lot better: it now supports customer matching. What does that mean? If you have a customer’s phone number, you can now initiate the conversation with them on Facebook without them contacting you first.

Channel Linking for Facebook Messenger

Your message will appear in the user’s “Message Requests”. Once the customer opts-in to talk to you, their account will be linked to their Smooch user and you can start talking to them.

This is a completely new way for companies to interact with their customers on Facebook. The possibilities are endless, and we’re thrilled to support it. Get all the details on the blog

Smooch API & SDKs updates ⚙

  • Update App API: We now have an Update App API to update app names but also disable our automatic credit card number masking. This setting is now available in the Create App API too.
  • Facebook Call Button: You can now send call buttons on Facebook Messenger. Just use the standard tel: syntax on a link action and Smooch will translate it into Facebook call buttons.
  • iOS SDK 5.6.7: Smooch iOS SDK 5.6.7 now allows you to localize date formats, update the conversation header at runtime and comes packaged with Dutch translations.

Sneak peek 👀

We have a lot of projects in store for you in the next month. It’s still very hush hush, but we’ll be adding a new SMS channel to the platform. We’re also working to allow you to do more with your users who contacted you via email. Last but not least, we’re tinkering with our popular web messenger to make it compatible with more websites. Stay tuned for more details coming soon on our blog!

Happy messaging!