The Drop May 2018

New in Smooch this month: more customizable options for our Office Hours integration; a sticky intro pane for the Web Messenger and an updated guide to view all its capabilities; plus a few tweaks to our APIs and SDKs.

What’s new 🎉

New customization options for Office Hours

Office Hours is an add-on built by Smooch that lets you send an automatic reply to users who message a business outside of their preferred work hours. It works with all messaging channel integrations, including our iOS, Android and Web SDKs.


We’ve added support for new customization options. You can now upload a custom avatar and edit the business name for your out-of-office auto-reply messages. Read our Office Hours guide to learn more.


Sticky intro pane for the Web Messenger

You can now set the introduction pane to "fixed" mode on the Web Messenger 4.12.0 which will pin it to the top of the conversation instead of scrolling with it. Check out our how-to guide to set this up.


Detailed capability guide for the Web Messenger

💥 We’re super excited to launch a new section in our docs that details the capabilities of every messaging channel. This will help you visualize all the different content types, actions, structured messages and indicators that are supported by channel, on top of showing you the support level (full support, partial support or not supported).

We’re in the process of building detailed guides for each channel. Our Web Messenger capabilities guide is available right now. Stay tuned as we ship more guides in the near future.


Other API & SDK updates ⚙

Smooch and the GDPR 🇪🇺

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has finally come into effect. We’re a compliant data processor and our software platform includes features that will help you comply with your controller obligations. Read more on our blog about the tools available in our platform to help you comply with the GDPR.