The Drop September 2017

The Drop is our monthly update that highlights new features and recent enhancements we’ve made to the platform, so you can easily stay informed on what’s new in Smooch. Here’s what we launched in September.

September has been an exciting month for Smooch as we’ve launched brand new versions of our SDKs to better serve the specific performance and scalability needs of leading software companies. Keep on reading for full details.

What’s new

New generation of Smooch Embeddable SDKs

Smooch Embeddable SDKs

We’re excited to finally release our new and improved SDKs for iOS, Android and Web.

Powered by a set of optimized backend APIs, our new SDKs allow you to distribute web and in-app messaging toolkits under your own brand so that you can build software that provides access to these channels using our API. Our brandable offering equips you with ready-to-distribute builds of our SDKs that are rebranded at the code level to cover the full SDK API. If you’re on our Enterprise pricing plan, you’ll also get access to the full source code for each SDK via your own private Github repository.

Not only are our new SDKs distributable as an OEM component, their performance has also been significantly improved. All SDKs have been refactored to use a new, highly optimized initialization sequence.

Read all the details on the improvements we’ve made to our new Embeddables on our blog. To upgrade to the latest version, follow our instructions here: Web Messenger 4.0, Android SDK 5.0 and iOS SDK 6.0.

Smooch SDK & API updates ⚙

  • iPhone X Support: Right on the heels of the brand new iPhone X announcement, we perfected our conversation UI to fit Apple’s latest design guidelines. You can upgrade now to 6.1.0 to ensure you support iPhone X upon release on November 3rd 2017.

iPhone X support

  • Get business system entities API: We added a new API to retrieve all the business systems a user's conversation is connected to. This can be quite handy when you use Smooch in the context of a bot to human handover. See the details in the REST API docs

Industry intelligence 📰

WhatsApp, one of the most popular chat app at the moment, has begun detailing its plan for opening up access to business accounts. We’ve published a detailed write-up explaining in more detail what that means for software makers interested in supporting this channel in the future. Check out our full blog post for more details and stay tuned for more information on upcoming Smooch support.

Sneak peak 👀

We are working on a new mechanism to allow you to provide rich, interactive UIs across channels to create exciting new interaction patterns that were impossible to do before. We’ll be updating our SDKs and API to offer you this new capability next month. Stay tuned for a myriad of new possibilities!