We're excited to introduce a new integration with Twilio, opening up the most widely used and loved messaging channel, SMS & MMS. Best of all, with Smooch you text your customers from tools like Slack or Zendesk - without writing a single line of code!

Over the last weeks we've been hard at work to bring you this new way to communicate with users, and we’re sure that you'll absolutely love it.

Using SMS & MMS as your app

Contrary to what some believe, SMS is not dead, far from it, actually. There has been a rise of SMS-based apps in which you interact and transact with the business first and foremost through text messaging. Why SMS? Because it’s a messaging channel that’s readily available for all mobile users and doesn’t necessitate another app install. In fact, the number of mobile apps users interact with every month is slowing down. There’s a limit to how many apps people want to install on their phone and use daily.

Magic is one such interesting example of text messaging based apps. As a user of Magic, you can make a request by text message, such as asking them to book your airplane tickets, and they get it done. They’ve built a complete business simply out of SMS.

Magic built their business entirely on SMS

Luka is another great example, and they take a new spin on the messaging experience. Rather than needing a human to respond to a message, Luka is bot which analyzes your message and uses artificial intelligence to determine what the response should be (by the way, Smooch has a powerful REST API which also allows you to create your own AI bot whether through SMS or in-app mobile.). You can first text Luka and get a sense of how useful he is for finding restaurants, and once you're ready to commit and invest a bit more time, you can then download the richer mobile app.

Luka uses artificial intelligence to reply to customers

Building an SMS-based app is a very lightweight method of testing out a business idea. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money to build an app, you can go straight to your idea by messaging your users with SMS. You can have the same rich conversations you’d have in an app, but without all the investment that it takes to build it.

With Smooch, you can now build an SMS and MMS-based app like Magic very easily and without writing a single line of code.

Grow your app and business with SMS & MMS

As a business, it’s critical to have an easy way for your users to reach out to you while they’re browsing your online presence, whether it’s your mobile website, Facebook, or Yelp. The easier it is for users to get their questions answered quickly, the more readily they’ll want to interact with your business. It’s that simple. If they need to use their clunky email client, make an expensive phone call or download your app to get their questions answered, that friction will cost you customers.

This is where the ubiquity of SMS helps. Using our Twilio integration prevents situations when users are deeply interested in what your business offers, but don’t have a quick and easy way to ask a question. Since SMS is readily available to any mobile user, it offers a friction-free channel for them to ask questions. They simply send a text message to your number, and they’re updated with your answers in real time.

Making a text messaging channel available is important even if you have a mobile app. With Smooch’s mobile messaging SDKs, it’s super simple for your users to reach out to you at the tap of a button. But, what if your user has a question before installing your app? They don’t want to install your app just to get a quick question answered; they want to see if your business fits their needs first. Offering assistance through SMS is a way to distinguish yourselves from competitors and show your users that you are the right fit for them.

Talk to your customers with SMS & MMS using Smooch

And here’s another advantage of using Smooch with Twilio. By using our integrations like Slack, and HipChat, you’ll be able to reply to your customer messages from the same place whether they send it by SMS or from your app through our mobile SDKs. Now, that’s exciting.

Setting up the Twilio Integration

Integrating Smooch with Twilio is easy. You simply provide us your Twilio API credentials. After you configure a Twilio phone number to work with Smooch, you’re good to go!

You can now give out your phone number to your users and they’ll be able to send you a text message like they would to anybody else.

How It Works

After integrating Twilio with Smooch, users will be able to text your Twilio phone number from their favorite SMS client to get help, share feedback, or transact with your business.

When users send a text message to your configured phone number, Twilio relays the user’s message to our servers. We then deliver the message straight to any service that you have integrated with Smooch, such as Slack.

Twilio works similarly to our Android, iOS and Web SDKs. If your users initiate a conversation by text message, they will also get your answers and automated messages by text message. It's just like you were answering them by text message, but you can do it from the comfort of your favorite service.

What will you build with Smooch and Twilio?

Smooch's Twilio integration enables your business to communicate with its customers using SMS & MMS, a channel that’s natural to mobile users.

Whether you want to provide guest services, fulfill purchase orders via SMS & MMS, or simply offer a new way for your users to reach to you, Smooch's Twilio integration will have you up and running in less than 10 minutes.

We look forward to seeing your messaging experiences come to life.