A free interactive report on messaging in travel

Introducing the State of Messaging: Travel, a collection of insights from across the travel and hospitality industry — from luxury hotels to budget airlines, and chatbots to the companies who build them.

We talked to industry insiders and broke down the traveler’s customer journey to learn about the creative ways chat is used to create memorable, personalized customer experiences by airlines, online travel agencies, and hotels.

The report is full of surprising findings — read about how hospitality brands are leveraging chat to provide better CX, why “luxury chatbot” is often an oxymoron, and when messaging actually delivers measurable results.

To go with the report, we created Trippy, the Conversational Concierge, to show you what messaging can create memorable travel experiences.

Check out the report below👇


The team behind the report

  • Jesse Martin
  • Dan Levy
  • Faustine Gheno
  • Riley Brook
  • Scott Morin
  • Paul Lalonde

Huge thanks to everybody who worked hard to put this report together. 🙏