Introducing our latest messaging integration: Carrier Pigeons

** UPDATE: We take reliability very seriously and had remove the integration as many of our pigeons flew away and never came back. We may reconsider the integration once we find a better pigeon suppliers.

For the longest time now, users have been messaging mostly over SMS and other popular messenger apps. And while we do power communication over these messaging channels at, we've been asking ourselves some deep questions lately. What do customers really care about first and foremost in their messaging service? The answer: Reliability. When you're looking to schedule an appointment with your dentist over WhatsApp or SMS, you want to be sure that message gets across. But how can you be? This begs the question: would your favorite messaging service survive a zombie apocalypse?

Introducing the newest Smooch integration: Carrier Pigeon.


For those times when your LTE connection is crappy, or when trench warfare breaks out in your city, Facebook Messenger or Telegram just won't cut it. With Smooch Carrier Pigeons you can rest assured your message will get where it needs to go, rain or shine.

The Carrier Pigeon integration lets your customer message you through our sustainably raised and grain fed carrier pigeon while you reply using your favorite business tool. Routing will be handled by Smooch and messages will be synced with your other business integrations. Our pigeons also connect with all other supported messaging channels to engage with your customers wherever they are.


You'll also be relieved to learn that our on staff wing massage therapist makes sure our pigeons are always in top form. We also care for our pigeons in the long run. We offer all of our pigeon staff a generous contribution matching plan to their 401k retirement savings.


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