Insights from the Collision Growth Summit

Warren Levitan, co-founder of Smooch and now VP Conversational Business at Zendesk took to the stage at Collision Conference’s Growth Summit last month to tell a little story.

"In 2019, we can declare that messaging is officially open for business," he said. But there's a problem.

Projected on the screen behind him is a scatter plot of enterprise software logos contrasted with popular messaging channels. Businesses-side, they're disconnected and siloed. Customers don't have it any better — they're forced to repeat themselves with every business interaction.

“This is why you have fragmented customer experiences,” Warren said under the glow of blue and pink lights.

“This is why business can’t get the 360 degree view of their customers that they want. Data silos everywhere. Conversations lost. This is what Smooch helps to fix.”

The way we communicate has changed. In the past year, Facebook/WhatsApp, Apple, and Google have all opened their messaging platforms as a new frontier for customer conversations. These conversations are invaluable gateways to understanding your customer — especially in an age where experience has become a key brand differentiator.

Check out Warren's keynote below:

“With all of your conversations in one place, you can now layer on all the incredible automation and augmentation to customer experiences that you’re investing in — without having to figure out where to get access to the data."

If you want to learn more about connecting your business to messaging channels like WhatsApp, Messenger, and WeChat, drop us a line. We're always down for a chat.